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Take a hike with us to the most beautiful vistas in Sedona


Bell Rock Vortex Tour

Hike it, walk it, run it!  Our guides will lead you to the famous Bell Rock Vortex site.  Although this is not a spiritual or metaphysical experience, our guides teach you about Sedona's incredible landscapes and ecosystems.  We'll ascend the slick rock of the near by Baby Bell Trail to get the birds eye view of our Red Rock Paradise.  Book now and receive a free Zen Pack for your tour!

Duration: 1.5 Hours

Difficulty:  Beginner   Book now!

$44/Adult (16+)



Hiking Sedona

Red Earth, Blue Water Tour

Hike Slim Shady, the once renegade trail of Sedona now guided by Trail Zen.  This one way hike takes you up and then down to Buddha Beach on Oak Creek.  Stop feel the energy of the nearby Cathedral Vortex.  You will Summit, Sweat, and maybe even Swim!  This hike does it all!  Transportation back to trail shop included.  Book now for a free Zen Pack for your hike!

Duration: 4 Hours

Difficulty:  Advanced   Book now!

$119/Adult (16+)


Hiking Cathedral Vortex in Sedona

Broken Arrow Tour

The best way to experience Chicken Point is on your own two feet with Trail Zen.  See the beautiful backdrops that were used by film makers during the age of the Great American Western.  These stunning vistas still make perfect photo ops today in the age of the selfie.   Walk across the top of a rock that resembles a breaching submersible, i.e. Submarine Rock.  Transportation from the trail shop included.  Book online and get a free Zen Pack for your hike. 

Duration: 2.5 Hours   

Difficulty:  Moderate               Book now!

$74/Adult (16+)


Sedona Hiking Tours - Broken Arrow Little Horse

Customize Your Tour

We are permitted by the Coconino National Forest to guide on over 100 miles of Sedona's trails. We can build a tour to exceed your expectations.

2.5 Hr Tour:    Book now!

4 Hr Tour:       Book now!

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Sedona Hiking Tours