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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I use a guide for my hiking in Sedona?

A: We are the locals that know the best secrets of the Sedona’s wilderness. Forget about researching online. Just show up at our shop and we’ll take you there! The trails get a bit confusing as they twist and connect and turn. We’ll guide you down the trails that you want to be on. Book a Sedona Hiking Tour with us today!

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Q: Where will you take us?

A: We have access to guide you on over 100 miles of trail in the Red Rocks. We have our standard tours that take you to the most beautiful parts of Sedona ranging between (2 hrs | 3 hrs | 4 hrs or more).  Are you looking for something different?  Book one of our Custom Tours and we’ll make sure you get to where you want to be.

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Q: What should I bring on my tour?

A: Comfortable athletic shoes, sun screen, hydration, a snack. We’ll set you up with everything you forgot except the shoes! 😉

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Q: What’s Easy? Moderate? Difficult?

A: Easy: Looking for a relaxing hike without all the elevation gain? Still experience the beautiful red rocks without sweating too much. Whether you’re hiking with a large family or solo, easy hikes will still give you a restorative experience on the trail.

A: Moderate: Do you want challenge yourself a bit to get to that scenic vista? There’s only one way to get there. A little climbing.

A: Difficult: Sky’s the limit. Exposure | Steep | Epic


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